Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The art of righteous living

We all are born with a very specific purpose. The God's design ,this human form of ours is very special .But at some stage of our life we just get lost because we are, mostly 95%of us are not aware about art of righteous living.This word is specified very distinctively in treatises of Spirituality. Our Mentor Master Param Poojya Gurudev Sri Ram Sharma Acharyaji (1911-1990) very clearly mentioned it as ART OF LIVING (Jeevan jeene ki kala).He used this word long back in decade of 50s and more so all the time in His monthly periodical "Akhand Jyoti"(Since 1938 till today) as synonymous to Spirituality.
In real sense Adhyatma or Spirituality means cultivating, inculcating qualities ,nurturing them almost every day in our selves so that we become a better being.This is Art Of Living ; not merely few breathing exercises as is being taught today by few schools of thought. Geeta says Yogah Karmasu Koushalam meaning thereby Excellence in all our actions is Yoga.This in real sense is art of living.Because many of us do not know how to live rightly,we get lost in our long sojourn of life.We get tense just by a small caliber adversity.We lose our temper very quickly. We do many time those things we are not supposed to do as humans.We spoil the atmosphere when we are with our friends or just start spreading our stress in our families.
In this era of 21'st century we need to learn more deeply none other science than this particular art which is of our daily concern. Have you not wondered that word " Science " is more insensitive ,harsh and dry.The word "Art" is more closer to heart ,related to our sentiments and is full of all beauties of life.Living to day living has to become an art in which we learn to live for others,caring for others,making ourselves more useful to society,giving 100% of our potential to whole ecosystem.Our excellence has to be in all spheres of life.Whatever we do should reflect That Supreme being's beautiful design ,the best one THE MAN.
Once we learn the art of righteous living we start our journey to perfection. Poornamadah poornamadam poornat poornamudachyate. That should be ultimate goal of all of us .Being in spiritual world for so many years I feel that people lack in this particular field and hence fall prey to anxiety,insecurity,depression,personality disorders of variety and family disintegration. Let us learn in this blog of mine this great science "Jeevan Jeene Ki Kala" (The art of Living).In next posts I will use various practical tools of exercises in this special field,as I have learnt at the lotus feet of my master. Bye till next Thursday.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to fight with negativity

I have been enshrouded in last few weeks with so many workloads that this is my second blog after April 05.I apologize to all for same.Certainly I am not the busiest person in the world but May be one of the most Bahudhandi (involved in many varieties of jobs) type of person.Lord Ram says in Ram charit manas "Virati bahukarma" in Navdha bhakti.. don't get involved in too many varieties of work. I don't follow it unfortunately.
One of he reason to be away from all of you was me fighting with all sorts of negativity in the world.I thought I must share with all of you about the ways I have been fighting or coping with Negativity. Negativity is in air , will always be around you and many gossips will echo back to you about you that you are that and that sort of person.Many unimaginative things will be told about you,your commitment ,your character,your wayward way of working,your grudging -egoistic attitude and so on.Never get perturbed by them.Being in social and spiritual field for more than 35 years I have come to this conclusion that varieties of persons exist in this world.Each man or woman is just like an unopened unique novel.You have been given a rare opportunity to read yourself and others in this world.
I believe that one should be very positive but he should be a good listener and a calm person too. Many times listening from someone that so and so was talking about you that and that and we start abusing him in mind , how he can dare to do that.This we do without thinking that this could be a merely negative talk to disturb you. Best is to ignore it.The negativity is there to test your mental vitality,your strength.
Negativity teaches you something ..Nindak niyare rakhiye angan kuti chhabay..means those who talk negative about you are for your welfare .Saint Kabeer says those who abuse you ,scold you,talk all the time ill about you are in fact doing good to you.I have learnt a lot from them myself.
Never commit a mistake of asking the persons Aur kya kah raha tha vo mere bare me (What else he or she was telling about me).Then you will start getting lot of dirty talks.Just accept the initial talks smilingly.Don't loose your temper. don't give explanations to this through via media person that you are neat and clean.Be a cool customer. walk the talk.
Negativity will keep on coming to you all the time but will make you more stronger. Try to keep on focusing on your qualities and all the good things you have done in your life.Many times gossipers start spreading rumors when they see you going up, doing something they themselves could not do and then they want to see you hurt.Their mission is successful if you are hurt and start communicating to them about your feelings. Don't behave like ChhuiMui (A plant leaves of which immediately respond to touching by contracting their leaves).
Ask these people who keep on talking about you or for that matter anybody about reading PMA(positivism promoting attitude) literature. My master HH Sri Ram Sharma Acharyaji has written a lot about PMA (
Try to cope with negativity not struggle with it,make your self more flexible, ever smiling and accessible to all despite their negative talks about you. Don't make them your enemy.
These are few principles I practiced myself and found them successful in battle of life.

Friday, March 5, 2010


What I feel is that we need a system which can have a say on how we have to behave in public and how we can show that we indeed walk the talk.As a person in Spiritual and social field since 1978 I have started realizing that we have to develop a system in which the people related to spirituality or social service are more transparent.Recently lot of incidents have come in light related to people of religious establishments about not behaving the way they should be.We have to propagate refined and scientific spirituality more and more.I hope all of you agree with me.