Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The art of righteous living

We all are born with a very specific purpose. The God's design ,this human form of ours is very special .But at some stage of our life we just get lost because we are, mostly 95%of us are not aware about art of righteous living.This word is specified very distinctively in treatises of Spirituality. Our Mentor Master Param Poojya Gurudev Sri Ram Sharma Acharyaji (1911-1990) very clearly mentioned it as ART OF LIVING (Jeevan jeene ki kala).He used this word long back in decade of 50s and more so all the time in His monthly periodical "Akhand Jyoti"(Since 1938 till today) as synonymous to Spirituality.
In real sense Adhyatma or Spirituality means cultivating, inculcating qualities ,nurturing them almost every day in our selves so that we become a better being.This is Art Of Living ; not merely few breathing exercises as is being taught today by few schools of thought. Geeta says Yogah Karmasu Koushalam meaning thereby Excellence in all our actions is Yoga.This in real sense is art of living.Because many of us do not know how to live rightly,we get lost in our long sojourn of life.We get tense just by a small caliber adversity.We lose our temper very quickly. We do many time those things we are not supposed to do as humans.We spoil the atmosphere when we are with our friends or just start spreading our stress in our families.
In this era of 21'st century we need to learn more deeply none other science than this particular art which is of our daily concern. Have you not wondered that word " Science " is more insensitive ,harsh and dry.The word "Art" is more closer to heart ,related to our sentiments and is full of all beauties of life.Living to day living has to become an art in which we learn to live for others,caring for others,making ourselves more useful to society,giving 100% of our potential to whole ecosystem.Our excellence has to be in all spheres of life.Whatever we do should reflect That Supreme being's beautiful design ,the best one THE MAN.
Once we learn the art of righteous living we start our journey to perfection. Poornamadah poornamadam poornat poornamudachyate. That should be ultimate goal of all of us .Being in spiritual world for so many years I feel that people lack in this particular field and hence fall prey to anxiety,insecurity,depression,personality disorders of variety and family disintegration. Let us learn in this blog of mine this great science "Jeevan Jeene Ki Kala" (The art of Living).In next posts I will use various practical tools of exercises in this special field,as I have learnt at the lotus feet of my master. Bye till next Thursday.


  1. Shraddhey Dr. Sa'b
    Sadar Pranam,

    Can not thank you enough for being such a guide. Thanks again for spirit rejuvenating lesson on Art of Living.

    As a student will be reading it again and again till the lesson gets into practice. I'd look forward for next Thursday for tips and tools.

    Many Thanks.
    Jai Gurudev!

  2. Shraddhey Dr Saab

    Thank you once again for this post. Shall eagerly await for next post to read the practical tools.

    Would request if you could also reflect on my query : how to effectively practice without being distracted.

    In our daily lives we encounter so many scenarios where we are swept with the flow and forget that we have decided to practice art of lving. This happens subconciously because of years of erosion and corruption which our mind has gone through.

    How do we bring back/control/ ( saadhna kaise karein , kuvicharon par lagaam kaise lagayein) .


  3. shraddhey Dr. Sahab,
    thank you for the post on art of living, will look forward on the next post about practical tools,


  4. Prabhu!
    Charan Sparsh!
    Truly said by you-- "Have you not wondered that word "Science" is more insensitive ,harsh and dry. The word "Art" is more closer to heart" And yes, we practice your lesson "ART OF LIVING" of this blog in this week. We eagerly waiting for take lessons in your lotus feet for "ART OF LIVING"
    Jay Gurudev!

  5. Respected Sir,
    "Jeevan jeene ki kala" is the real need of the hour. We all should follow your instructions and try to practical.
    Pramod Bhatnagar

  6. shradheya Dr.sahab Sadar Charan sparsh. Jeevan jine ki kala lekh se aneko youth mo margdarshan mil raha hai, specially USA, Canada, and UK.AAp Nai pidhi ke prakash stambh hai. aapke next article ka log besabri se pratiksha karenge.
    Rajkumar Vaishanw from (Washington DC)

  7. Pranam/Charan sparsh Dr. Saheb

    You are absolutely right about the statement you made "we are, mostly 95% of
    us are not aware about art of righteous living." People always think of “the art of living” means being generally content, having some peace of mind, and being fulfilled, healthy relationship etc. It is amazing that our Gurudev talked about this long back in decade of 50s and gave us the true definition of "Art of Living".
    In today's super-fast world, people spend their time and money to attend art of living course. Really enjoyed and learned a lot. Looking forward for your next session.

  8. Ad Dr Sahab,
    Just before Gurupoornima what more could we disciples ask from Gurudev,your article has come at the accurate time to redirect all of us agyani disciples and give us a path to be followed.We shall try our best to bring in into our sanskars & practice by this Gurupoornima as a salutation to PP Gurudev & PM Mataji
    Bowing At Your Lotus Feet:
    Amit Gupta,New Delhi

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  10. pranam dr. sahab

    i have a querry and i am feeling very restless due to it.we say that Gayatri brings yug parivartan then why did it didnt started bringing this change right form the begining of the kalyug.Had it started that time then we would not have reached such a miserable condition .

  11. Shradhey Dr Sahab,
    Plz keep on sprinkling the Gyan Sanjeevani on us....we are eagerly awaiting for the next post.Thanks for ur valuable guidances.

    Kundan Kumar IPS

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  13. Shraddhey Dr. Sa'b,
    Sadar Pranam,

    Please do find time to post the practical tools of exercises (to lead righteous life) you have mentioned in this post.

    Many Thanks

  14. Is lesbian/gay marriage okay? What are your views on it? Will someone choosing this path be allowed to be involved in Parivar's work, or he/she will be boycotted?

    On intellect level/Vivek level, somehow this is not very obvious to me. Because if someone has all his/her life found himself/herself sexually misfit, what is the right thing to do? Moreover, marriage of a man with woman doesn't appear to me something fundamental not open for question.